With 11 Pre-Season games LIVE on ASN throughout August, NFL fans can finally return to the action after the Summer break, as the hardest-hitting and most explosive sports league in the world gets ready to kick off another year of non-stop action! See below for info on the games happening this week!



(Click on team name below for more info)


Carolina Panthers vs. Baltimore Ravens

(卡羅萊納黑豹 @ 巴爾迪摩烏鴉)


Friday, 8/13 @ 8am LIVE 

Friday, 8/13 @ 8pm Primetime Repeat

Saturday, 8/14 @ 12 noon

New York Giants vs. New York Jets: A Battle for New York!

(紐約巨人 @ 紐約噴射機)

Tuesday, 8/17 @ 8am LIVE

Tuesday, 8/17 @ 8pm Primetime Repeat

Wednesday, 8/18 @ 12 noon


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