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Tune into ASN this week for a feast of NHL action as Asia’s premier channel for exclusive HD hockey action continues to deliver its fans what they want.  With the Regular Season entering the final straight, the stakes are higher than ever, with each game critical as teams look to secure a playoff spot for the Stanley Cup.  As the home of NHL in Asia, enjoy our Live and delay HD coverage of the best hockey players on the globe going head to head throughout the week.  Don’t miss a single game – only on ASN!


Fri April 1 @ 7:00am HKT: Columbus Blue Jackets @ Washington Capitals

Fri April 1 @ 10:30am HKT: Dallas Stars @ San Jose Sharks

Fri April 1 @ 2:00pm HKT: Los Angeles Kings @ Vancouver Canucks (Delay)

Fri April 1 @ 6:00pm HKT: Ottawa Senators @ Florida Panthers (Delay)

Sat April 2 @ 7:00am HKT: Chicago Blackhawks @ Columbus Blue Jackets

Sat April 2 @ 10:00am HKT: Colorado Avalanche @ Phoenix Coyotes

Sun April 3 @ 3:00am HKT: Detroit Red Wings @ Nashville Predators

Sun April 3 @ 12:00pm HKT: Tampa Bay Lightning @ Minnesota Wild (Delay)

Sun April 3 @ 2:00pm HKT: Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Kings (Delay)

Mon April 4 @ 0:30am HKT: New York Rangers @ Philadelphia Flyers

Mon April 4 @ 7:00am HKT: Tampa Bay Lightning @ Chicago Blackhawks

Mon April 4 @ 10:00am HKT: Minnesota Wild @ Detroit Red Wings (Delay)

Mon April 4 @ 6:00pm HKT: St. Louis Blues @ Columbus Blue Jackets (Delay)

Tues April 5 @ 12:00pm HKT: Boston Bruins @ New York Rangers (Delay)

Tues April 5 @ 2:00pm HKT: Los Angeles Kings @ San Jose Sharks (Delay)

Wed April 6 @ 7:30am HKT: New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburgh Penguins

Wed April 6 @ 2:00pm HKT: Atlanta Thrashers @ Nashville Predators (Delay)

Wed April 6 @ 6:00pm HKT: Columbus Blue Jackets @ Dallas Stars (Delay)

Thurs April 7 @ 7:00am HKT: Detroit Red Wings @ Carolina Hurricanes

Thurs April 7 @ 10:30am HKT: Phoenix Coyotes @ Los Angeles Kings

Thurs April 7 @ 2:00pm HKT: St. Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks (Delay)


Exclusive, live and in HD. Catch the NHL on ASN!


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